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Hong Kong Kings

Web / UX Design

Project Description

Challenge Develop a new unique brand direction for Hong Kong Based Fashion Label Hong Kong Kings, as well as a working e-commerce platform and marketing materials in less than 8 hours.

Awards Best Branding

Tools Used 
Pen and paper


Project Management
Information Architecture
High Fidelity Mockups
Web Design
Marketing Collateral

‘We want to be the Supreme of Asia’

The Brief

The brief we were provided with was as follows:

‘Targeting the LOCAL market in Hong Kong, the brand is primarily focused on designing and producing AUTHENTIC and high QUALITY hats in various designs and motives with an urban and US-Style touch. Acting as a trendsetter and to create a unique value preposition, Hong Kong Kings creates a desire for the brand through several channels including limited editions marketing. The company can rely on a strong production network (Germany, Hong Kong and Vietnam) and connection into the music and entertainment industry.

At the beginning, the brand Hong Kong Kings will be exclusively distributed over the online shop and with Shopify. On the long-term the company will offer also merchandise production for third party and third party boutique apparel over the channels. Overall, the brand is authentic, fun, stylish, creative, urban and lifestyle. Hats up!’

The Solution

As part of a collaboration between the Design School and the Hong Kong School of Business, we were paired up with a team of international business experts in order to help them realise their vision. With such a short time limit, we prioritised our tasks based on the brief we had been assigned. We were also in contact with our client for the duration of the project via Skype which allowed us to manage expectations and deliver what was required.

The resulting brainstorm and discussions led to a new direction for the brand, higlighting the connection between the youth the city. We focused on a recent movement within the city in which the youth, in rebellion against the government who controlled the streets, fled to the rooftops. We wanted the brand to be a statement of the modern rebellious youth in Hong Kong and so we set about re-purposing the brand and building a story around it.

Visuals were created for the brand using both logos to highlight the differences between the two.

Building a Brand

Establishing a story was the first hurdle. We suggested modifying their original logo to be more in line with their vision for the future.

Developing Personas

The original personas we were provided with lacked detail and depth. Two new personas were created to personify the new target users. We created their backstories by connecting them to social media accounts which personified our brand. This also helped us to establish the final vision for the new Hong Kong Kings.

New E-commerce Platform

A strict requirement from the client was that the new e-commerce platform must be easy for them to access and modify themselves. For this reason, we were asked to create a working platform within the e-commerce frameworks offered by Shopify. This resulted in the design being heavily defined by the limitations of the Shopify platform, so we worked on creating the smoothest, simplest experience for the user while using our visuals to push the new message of the brand.


We also suggested the inclusion of an AR scanner which uses the webcam of the users computer to show them what HKK products would look like. This software could also be used for clothing as well as apparel and function both on web and mobile.

The Team

The group was made up of international students studying at the Design School including designers from the UK, Norway, Sweden and California. We collaborated with a team of four international business specialists from Hong Kong to create a unique brand and working e-commerce platform.

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