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UX / Packaging Design

Project Description

Challenge Despite an increase in environmental and health-concious thinking, the average UK household still throws away ‘24 edible meals each month’. Sainsburys wants to understand this issue. Design a way to help their customers waste less and save more.

Tools Used 
Pen and paper
CREO Parametric


Individual Project

This project was conducted as part of a three part study on design research methods, design for behaviour change and business and enterprise. This project page represents the summary of the first and second parts of the study looking at creating sustainable beahviours in ‘generation edge’. The subsequent packaging and retail design was created in collaboration between ‘Sainsburys’ and design agency ‘The Sound’.

Design Research Methods

The first stage of the project involved conducting a number of research exercises with participants from the target user group. Below you can see a summary of exercises conducted and key insights.

Design for Behaviour Change

Based on the findings from the user research, a new service was designed to be integrated into the existing retail environment provided by Sainsburys. This solution came in the form of a new sustainable packaging initiative and retail installation. Below are the completed boards that accompanied the solution.