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My work

“Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.”

I have designed a variety of projects over the years at university and with a diverse portfolio of clients. The most important thing I have grown to understand is that every detail matters. Only by being aware of all the details can we create masterfully designed products and services. From structure, image, colour, pattern, lines, typography, materials and manufacturing… everything needs to be considered and understood to develop a truly successful user experience.

I believe that my ability to empathise with both users and clients helps to drive each project towards fruition. Every project has a target user group and a client with their own tastes, needs and expectations. It is a designer’s ability to connect the dots that helps to quickly realise these criteria. As Hans Hofmann said… ‘Design acts as the intermediary between information and understanding’. It helps us to rationalise, understand and solve user problems in the clearest and most efficient way.

Planning is a very important part of my process. I always take the time to research, explore and understand both the problem and the target market in depth. I involve both client and user in every step of the process, keeping them up-to date and informed on realistic goals and deadlines whilst suggesting and developing improvements. I feel transparency is important to build trust with both client and user.

I have worked with start-ups and small businesses, within agencies and large in-house departments to help create a variety of experiences. I love client facing, meeting new people and trying to find creative solutions to problems. I am proficient with a variety of software including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and XD but love to sketch and make as much with my hands as possible. With technology and software improving so quickly I know it is important to keep up to date and therefore enjoy learning and using new software and services to create the highest quality output for my clients.