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Hi! My name is Will

I’m a UX Designer

I am a hardworking, independent, enthusiastic and focused individual who is passionate about solving critical and complex problems. I love interacting and working with new people, innovative technologies and software to deliver unique experiences through great design.

I am very passionate about design, having followed related disciplines for several years. I have developed my skills working on a variety of projects and in a range of design sectors including Graphics, Packaging, Product and User Experience. I am always looking to challenge myself and develop my skills through hard work and dedication to my passion.

I have a BA in Industrial Design and Technology and an MA with a distinction in User Experience Design. I have worked in Switzerland, France and Germany for a variety of companies and clients. Currently, I work full-time in south London as the lead designer for a digital marketing company, managing overall design output and a small team of creatives. I co-ordinate internal and external consultations with a focus on UX and am constantly striving to develop and implement user-centred processes and strategy agency wide.

I believe my role as a modern designer is three-fold;

  1. A Facilitator– Assisting others to refine, visualise and explain ideas.
  2. A Perfectionist– Establishing and maintaining a high level of quality.
  3. A Mediator– Supporting and nurturing empathy and the creative processes.

By facilitating and translating ideas, mediating the creative processes and utilising a sharp eye for detail, I believe that a good designer can push those around them towards shared excellence.

In my spare time I like to be active and keep myself busy. I love climbing, swimming, boxing, running, rugby and hiking to name a few. I’m also a keen coffee drinker, dog lover, explorer and blues enthusiast.